Song of Songs Painting

Exhibition in the Katar Gallery, Beer Sheva Curator: Rachel Kroupp Title: From Nature in Hebrew Poetry 25.5.2022 – 28.8.2022 I am taking part in a group exhibition of work by members of the Israeli artists Association of Beer Sheva and the … Read More

Love of Writing and Painting

Love of Writing and Painting Rafi Sheetrit, a writer himself, has a great love of writing and painting. In his latest book, קולמוס ומכחול (Pen and Brush) he ties these passions together. I am very happy to be one of … Read More

Finding Joy in Digital Art

My Jerusalem digital paintings are part of a learning curve for me as an artist. Until recently, I painted mainly in oils. In particular, Jerusalemites may have seen many of them, as they have been on show at Hechal Shlomo, … Read More

The Joy of Kabbalat Shabbat

Loving Greeting Shabbat Outdoors I have very fond memories of the times when I prayed and danced outdoors on some Friday nights in Jerusalem. I will never forget the happiness I felt as I joined hands with my sisters after … Read More