2019 Group Exhibition in London

Israeli Contemporary Artists Exhibition, London
11-24 March 2019
Opening Evening: Tue 12 March 6-9pm

12.3.19 (Written on the day of the Opening). I am taking part in this London exhibition of Israeli artists. Each artist is submitting two of their works. I was invited to ship from Israel two paintings of the same size with a common theme. It is some time now since my husband and I took my two 80 cm x 60 cm canvases to ICU (Israeli Cultural Union) for shipping. That day there was a gale force wind and we nearly got blown away with my art work. At one point I was clinging onto a palm tree for dear life! Now I have photos below to prove that my work got safely delivered to the Espacio Gallery, Shoreditch, London.

Michal Sadan, PR, on the Opening Night

These are my two paintings that are exhibited.

Preparation for the Opening

Rami Azzam, curator and artistic director

‘Each artist is unique in style and technique, and yet they all share the message that we are human beings who must learn to live together and arouse the dormant human within us – and for that cause, there is no better way than the culture of human creation, and no better tool than art, which embodies the spirit of creation and reminds us that we are all one big family’.



Participating Artists

Sara Weitzman, Tami Tamuz, Uzi Tal, Zahava Lupu, Edna Ben Arie, Ruthy Kalman, Yaffa Shabat, Shlomit Lahat Hanani, Yoel Marek,
Irit Biber, Danieli Ben, Aviva Berger, Menucha Cohn, Shay Hardan,
Drora Avisar, Ika Abravanel, Chana Helen Rosenberg, Jacob Levy,
Dr. Anat Ein–Gedi, Hannah Hirshman Cohen, Etty Lev, Daniel Levy,
Ruth Zuker, Tzipi Achishahar, Itshak Yarkoni, Michal Avrech, 
Anna Zinger, Aviva Beitler, Pnina Meiri, Ida Lomianski,
Israel Tabakov, Ilan Shait, Yudit Yitzhaki, Tzivia Pouni, Ronit Koren,
Miriam Yari, Michal Kimchi, Rachel Amir, Inbar Pianko