Jewish Art by Chana Helen (chanahelen)

Chana Helen is an Israeli artist with an Art Degree from Maidstone, U.K., who is now living in the Negev City of Be’er Sheva.  The artist uses movement and colour to express different moods and atmospheres in her work on the Jewish Festivals, Biblical themes and her local surroundings in Israel, as well as other subjects. She brings her own observations of contemporary Jewish life into her expressive, imaginative work.  Chana Helen paints mainly in oils, but does also use acrylics, coloured inks and other media. Recently she has begun creating digital art alongside her other work.  She also produces simple limited edition hand-pulled lino cuts using black ink only.  The artist’s work features on the Chabad website and in Chabad calendars. Her art work is on several posters and book and magazine covers. Chana Helen was chosen as one of the six artists to design a poster for the ‘Proudly Jewish’ series for ‘Voices and Visions’, the Harold Grinspoon Foundation. At present she is working on 15 line drawings to illustrate a book of poems on the Tanach.  Chana Helen is a member of the Association of Painters and Sculptors in Israel, as well as a member of The Artist’s House of the Negev (Beit HaOmanim in Be’er Sheva).  Chana exhibits her work in Israel, mainly in Be’er Sheva and Jerusalem.