Shofar Blast, Cry of the Soul

Blast of the Shofar

The blast of the shofar is like no other sound. For me it is very deep and powerful. However, not only for me, but for Jews all over the world. I feel very emotional when I hear the primal blare of the ram’s horn. This most ancient of musical instruments speaks to my soul, as well as to the soul of every Jew.

Blast of the Shofar’ is the title of my digital artwork, which I finished just a few days ago. I am expressing how I feel when I hear the primordial sound.

Thunder of the Shofar

I look forward to hearing the shofar on Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, which is very soon. It reminds me of the thunder of the shofar on Mount Sinai in Biblical times.

(By the way, as the first of the two day festival is on Shabbat, we won’t hear the blast of the shofar until the second day).

I remember hearing the piercing wailing sound in past years; feeling like a child crying out to G-d, longing to be united, asking for forgiveness and for help.

I hope this year I will feel humbled and able to begin the New Year with hope. To ‘return’ to G-d. To be moved to mend my ways and become a kinder, more giving person. I wish the same for all people.

As we get very close to Rosh Hashanah, let us all be inspired by the sound of the shofar and use this time to become better people and closer to Our Maker.

May we all be inscribed in the Book of Life for a happy and healthy New Year.
Shanah Tovah!

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  1. Rivka Wiseman says:

    Beautifully written Chana
    B’ezrat HaShem, may your words be true for all of us

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