Purim Costumes Art

My Purim Art

In my Purim artwork I focus on Jews giving whilst dressed up as different animals, people, or even objects.

So I go into the streets at this time and see people in their Purim costumes. I draw them on their way to listen to a Megillat Esther reading (The Book of Esther). They are often carrying their groggars (noise-makers). Then I may sketch people taking their children to a Purim party, a Purim spiel (play), or to give mishloach manot (presents of food) to their friends. At the same time I note people begging, and people giving to the poor.

I paint these scenes, these little pieces of life, from my observations and sketches, my memory of my participation in the festival, and my imagination. The result is that my Purim paintings are busy canvases, crowded with people, each with their own story.

In conclusion, I enjoy Purim immensely. I find the costumes that Jews choose quite fascinating. Perhaps people choose to dress up as someone they dream of being? Of course, there are the stereotypical costumes with girls dressing up as princesses and boys as Superman. However, I’ve seen both boys and girls dressed as tigers and Torah Scrolls!


Purim Costume Art in the Media



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