There is a lot of preparation to do for Shabbat. Good food must be bought, whatever the weather, and what better place to buy it than in Machane Yehudah – the Shouk in Jerusalem? Of course, I am rather biased, as I lived in Nachlaot for some years before moving to Be’er Sheva. I was pleased to see that many men did the shopping!
Just before Shabbat comes in, a rush can be felt in Jerusalem – men must get home quickly to leave their umbrellas, put the flowers in water, etc, before going to Synagogue. I have tried to capture this in some of my Shabbat art work.
According to Kabbalah we are given a second soul at the onset of this special day of rest, and feel a very special connection to Hashem. It is this joy and intense spiritual light that I have tried to express in my candle-lighting painting. My Kabbalat Shabbat paintings are depicted from my viewpoint – the women’s side of the mechitzah – the hats and feet of the men can be seen on the other side.
It can be difficult letting go of the Shabbat calm at the close of Shabbat. ‘Melave Malka’ (escorting the Sabbath Queen) is a way to continue the joy a little longer with music, songs and stories. I drew the faces in ‘Melave Malkah’ at an event I went to in Nachlaot.