Jerusalem People Art

First of all, please look carefully at the paintings in the ‘Jerusalem People Art’ slideshow, so that you can see the many different kinds of people.

I have gone out into the streets and markets, and also to the Kotel. Because I have wanted to capture the moment. I have wanted to observe people in lots of different situations. Therefore, I have gone out in all weathers and seasons.

So, I have spent many enjoyable hours, often in one place, observing Jerusalem people. I have been happily sketching the life of the people going about their business. Then I may spot people stopping to chat with friends. Others stop to look at something or perhaps to take a photograph.

2006 My Jerusalem Sketchbook
ספר הציור הירושלמי שלי

My Jerusalem Sketchbook

Since Jerusalem is a very colourful city, I wanted to add colour to my sketches of the people in the Jerusalem environment. So I used watercolours. After a while I began to also experiment with watercolour pencils, and coloured ink pencils.

As well as the sketches, I use photographs, my experiences, and my imagination.

You can see these pieces of life, full of expression and movement, in my larger artworks.