Beer Sheva

Since moving to Beer Sheva from Jerusalem at the end of 2012, I have added some motifs from my new surroundings and experiences. I have tried to capture some of the everyday life, as well as the celebrations, in the Negev environment. You can see the low houses, taller apartment blocks, palm trees, cats, and much more in this gallery.

Torah in the Negev

I have painted the man happily connected to the Torah scroll. The desert echoes his joy through the sunlit scenery which is inhabited by the rich plant and animal life.

Purim in the Negev

I have expressed the joyful, fun festival, by portraying people in costumes. They are above the desert which is covered in anemones.

Independence Day in Beer Sheva

A woman is cheerfully pushing the stroller with her little boy carrying an Israeli flag. They are going through one of the lanes (misholim) in Beer Sheva, which is decorated with flags.

Summer in Beer Sheva

The two men are both wearing kipot, one large, one small. I have painted other differences, which are at the same time similarities. The colours I have used radiate the dazzling heat and light.

Woman in Beer Sheva

The woman is watched by a ginger cat. I have contrasted the relaxed pose of the cat with the lady struggling with her load.