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What is Yad Sarah?

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Yad Sarah is Israel’s unique network of 6,000 volunteers in over 100 locations lending medical equipment and providing a range of home care support services for anyone who is ill, disabled, frail or isolated.

Its work is supported by donations.


Yad Sarah Purim Cards

Chana Helen has created five art works and designed five Purim cards for Yad Sarah.  The cards can be given to friends.  The card is bilingual.  It is written in both English and Hebrew.

Purim – a Time for Giving

You will be doing a great Mitzvah if you buy some Yad Sarah Purim cards. When you buy cards you will be giving a donation to help Yad Sarah in Beer Sheba to continue with their work. The entire amount (20 shekels per card), is a donation.  Inside each card is written, ‘A donation has been made in your name to Yad Sarah, Beer Sheba’, on one side in Hebrew and the other side in English.

Where can you buy the cards?

Contact details are below the images.

The Five Designs

Buy cards

In the shop at –

Yad Sarah Services Center

2a Shaul Hamelech Street

Beer Sheba

Tel: 08-9112007

About the art work

Purim Joy.

A mother and daughter are on their way to give a gift (mishloach manot) to their friends.

Purim, Giving and Receiving.

Father and daughter are on their way give hamentaschen cookies (‘Haman’s ears’) to friends. On their way the daughter gives money to the poor person.

Purim, Giving to Friends and the Poor.

Jews dressed in costumes for Purim, carrying Purim baskets (mishloach manot) to give to their friends.

Purim, Family.

A family are on their way to give gifts (mishloach manot) to their friends. The child is in tiger costume, excited to be carrying a gift basket. A street cat looks on, participating in the Festival by holding on to a ribbon, used to decorate Purim baskets.

Purim, the Joy of Giving.

A mother and child meet a beggar on the way to their friend to give a Purim basket. The child, in a tiger costume, happily gives a coin to the beggar, encouraged by his mother.

See my painting ‘Purim in Israel’ on the Chabad site.


Find out more about Purim


Purim Same’ach!


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  1. Bruce and Yehudit Francis says:

    These are wonderful! Would like to send these cards to friends and family in Be’er Sheva and elsewhere in Israel.
    I am in America now but making Aliyah, to Be’er Sheva July 31st. Can we work out payments over Paypal in dollars to cove the cards and sending them in Israel.
    My e-mail is below.

    Todah Rabah v’tizku l”mitzvot

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