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Jewish Wedding

Jewish Wedding

Jewish Marriage Jewish Bride and Groom happy under the Chuppah (a tallit).  Left: The Bride holds a bunch of white flowers and has embroidered flowers on her simple headdress. Right: The Bride has a beautiful bunch of anemones which are echoed in her … Read More

Ruth at the feet of Boaz at harvest time, Bethlehem

The Book of Ruth

  The story of Biblical Ruth told in five paintings November 2016 – Ruth series of 5 framed digital prints are exhibited at the Artists’ House, Be’er Sheva.  The prints are signed by Chana Helen.    Price: 200 shekels each or 800 shekels … Read More

Greeting Shabbat

Shabbat Art, Chana Helen

B”H Kabbalat Shabbat Shabbat Candle-lighting In this oil painting I have depicted a Jewish mother and daughter covering their eyes to say the blessing after lighting the candles on Friday night to greet the Sabbath.  Peace is ushered in to … Read More

S.Y. Agnon story: The Kerchief

The Kerchief:  A short story by S.Y. Agnon Chana Helen’s illustration of the Agnon story A mother, on the day of her son’s Bar Mitzvah, lends him a beautiful silk kerchief, which was a present to her from the boy’s father. … Read More