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Siddur Songs, Adirah Liebschutz

Songs from the Siddur Adirah Liebschutz, who has been writing and singing songs since childhood, found my website and liked my art very much.  She contacted me to ask if she could use one of my art works for the cover … Read More

Butterflies needing trees, plant life. Jewish woman planting a tree on Tu Bishvat.

Tu Bishvat, Trees

Tu Bishvat New Year of the Trees BUY PRINT – TU BISHVAT, BUTTERFLIES Happy Birthday! In ‘Tu Bishvat, Butterflies’, I have depicted a Jewish woman planting a sapling, a newborn fruit tree on the Spring Festival of Tu Bishvat. Next … Read More

Ruth at the feet of Boaz at harvest time, Bethlehem

The Book of Ruth

The story of Biblical Ruth told in five paintings The Book of Ruth is read on Shavuot, the holiday when Jews celebrate the giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai.  These are some of the reasons to explain the custom: … Read More

Jewish Wedding

Jewish Wedding

Jewish Marriage Jewish Bride and Groom happy under the Chuppah (a tallit).  Left: The Bride holds a bunch of white flowers and has embroidered flowers on her simple headdress. Right: The Bride has a beautiful bunch of anemones which are echoed in her … Read More

Shabbat Art, Chana Helen

B”H Shabbat Art Shabbat on Friday Just before Shabbat comes in on a windy, rainy Friday in Jerusalem. The men must get home quickly to leave their umbrellas, put the flowers in water, etc, before going to Synagogue. One man … Read More