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Jewish Wedding

Jewish Wedding

Jewish Marriage Jewish Bride and Groom happy under the Chuppah (a tallit).  Left: The Bride holds a bunch of white flowers and has embroidered flowers on her simple headdress. Right: The Bride has a beautiful bunch of anemones which are echoed in her … Read More

Ruth at the feet of Boaz at harvest time, Bethlehem

The Book of Ruth

  The story of Biblical Ruth told in five paintings November 2016 – Ruth series of 5 framed digital prints are exhibited at the Artists’ House, Be’er Sheva.  The prints are signed by Chana Helen.    Price: 200 shekels each or 800 shekels … Read More

Simchat Torah

I love Simchat Torah. I love the Jewish festival that marks the conclusion of the year’s readings of the Torah, and the beginning of the new cycle. Jews celebrate Simchat Torah after the Jewish New Year, Yom Kippur and Succot (in … Read More

Greeting Shabbat

Shabbat Art, Chana Helen

B”H Kabbalat Shabbat Shabbat Candle-lighting In this oil painting I have depicted a Jewish mother and daughter covering their eyes to say the blessing after lighting the candles on Friday night to greet the Sabbath.  Peace is ushered in to … Read More

Jewish Unity

Joshua David Miller z”l

Joshua’s life on The Golden Path Joshua  (Yehoshua) David Miller, z”l (1952 – 2015) served G-d his whole life, using his special personality to bring love and unity to everyone he touched. He ‘believed that we (Jews) must take responsibility for our families and … Read More