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Greeting Shabbat

Shabbat Art, Chana Helen

B”H Kabbalat Shabbat Shabbat Candle-lighting In this oil painting I have depicted a Jewish mother and daughter covering their eyes to say the blessing after lighting the candles on Friday night to greet the Sabbath.  Peace is ushered in to … Read More

Tu Bishvat Seder

Tu Bishvat Seder

B”H Tu Bishvat, (15th of Shvat), the Jewish Festival in the Hebrew month of Shvat, is a Spring festival.  It is also called ‘Rosh HaShanah La’Ilanot’, literally ‘New Year of the Trees’. It is celebrated by many Jews with a … Read More

Chasidim leaving the Shuk

B”H   Two pen and ink drawings of Chasidim and Charedim shopping in the Shuk (market), Jerusalem, on Friday to buy provisions for Shabbat (the Sabbath). December 2011.  I worked from sketches from my observations of the people in and … Read More

The Kotel in the Old City, Jerusalem

B”H [singlepic id=363 w=446 float=left] Chasidim, soldiers, tourists.  Men,  women and children.  And, of course, cats and birds. I made a lot of sketches of people recently in the Rova.  I used many of these sketches in this watercolour painting, … Read More