Siddur Songs, Adirah Liebschutz

Songs from the Siddur

Adirah Liebschutz, who has been writing and singing songs since childhood, found my website and liked my art very much.  She contacted me to ask if she could use one of my art works for the cover of her new  CD ‘Songs from the Siddur’.

Tehillim by Adirah liebschutz

Adirah Sings Psalms in Hebrew


Adirah  sent me the links for her first CD, ‘Adirah Sings Tehillim’ (Adirah Sings Psalms).  Adirah brings ten Psalms, in the original Biblical Hebrew, to life. I enjoyed listening to her soulful, melodious voice. In fact, I was deeply moved by it, and hope you will be, too.

It didn’t take me long to agree to her request.  As much as she liked my art work, I loved her singing.

Adirah chose my art work ‘Tambourine Joy 1’ for the cover of her new CD, ‘Songs from the Siddur’. The original art work was an oblong shape,  so I needed to make some changes and add Hebrew and English lettering.

Finished Audio CD Cover

Songs from the Siddur by Adirah Liebschutz

Cover design by Chana Helen Rosenberg

Adirah Liebschutz, Audio CD.

Adirah Sings…Barkhu: Songs from the Siddur Jan 29, 2018



“Songs from the Siddur”, a compilation of 15 prayers from the Shabbat liturgy set to beautiful original musical arrangements.

Genre: Spiritual: Hebrew

‘If you love sacred liturgy, this is the album to have. Hear these ancient melodies brought to life like never before’.  (Quoted from CD Baby music store on the web).

‘Adirah Sings Tehillim’

‘Praise and worship has been set to music since the earliest times. King David comes to mind as our most-beloved psalmist. The chanting of ancient prayers stirs our hearts and helps us reach out to our Creator with supplication and adoration. Since early childhood my soul has sought expression through song. Whether embellishing traditional melodies or creating my own, my heart takes flight to heaven. Come join me!’  (Written by Adirah).


Mutual Appreciation!

Adirah informed me when her CD, ‘Songs from the Siddur’, was released.

A little later Adirah wrote: ‘Have you had a chance to view and listen to my new CD with your beautiful artwork?
It makes me so happy to see the cover you designed for me.   Thanks, again!’

I have written this article in response to Adirah’s email.  I am so pleased that she is happy with the cover.

Thank you, Adirah, for being so appreciative.

I wish  you every success with your singing and your music, Adirah .

Please leave your comments below – Adirah, I would really like to have your feedback.


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  1. Adirah Liebschutz says:

    Oh, wow, Chana! You just went over the top. Appreciate this so much. It was such a beautiful collaboration.


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