Rosh Hashanah

Jewish New Year

Rosh Hashanah is the Festival celebrating the Jewish New Year, marking a new beginning, a fresh start.


Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) painting. Title: Wedding of the Creation. Media: Oil.

This is when Jews celebrate the Creation, the beginning, the start, the birth of the world.

The subject of my oil painting is Rosh Hashanah

Against the backdrop of the sun, moon and stars of the Creation, the Bride and Groom marry under the chupah (canopy), symbolising new beginnings.  I have tried to express the idea of marriage and The Creation as being inseparable.

Jewish marriage was created in The Beginning, making its appearance at the time of The Creation.  At the same time the eternal principals of marriage were created.  So, marriage is not a law, but rather a blessing from G-d, enabling the perpetuation of the species as well as the enhancement of personal growth.

What is the meaning of the pomegranates in my painting, ‘Wedding of the Creation’? Pomegranates, due to their many seeds, symbolise increase, fertility, abundance, prosperity.

One of the customs for this Rosh Hashanah is to eat pomegranates, which are believed to contain 613 seeds.  By eating the pomegranate Jews display their desire to fulfill God’s 613 mitzvoth (commandments from the Torah).


Wedding of The Creation features in the Chabad calendar, for August 5777 (2016-2017), in California.


Wedding of The Creation also features in the Chabad calendar for August 5777 (2016-2017), in Antwerp.

Naturally, calendars are published at the start of the year.  Chabad have featured my images in some of their calendars for 5777 (2016 – 2017).



Purim features in the Chabad calendar for March 5777 (2016-2017), in California.


Ruth Gleaning features in the Chabad calendar for March 5777 (2016-2017), in California.



Jerusalem Wedding features in the Chabad calendar for March 5777 (2016-2017), in California.


Cover for the Chabad calendar featuring 2 of my images. Can you spot which are mine?


May all be well with you.

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