‘Purim, The Joy of Giving’ art work, which I created as a Purim card design for Yad Sarah (see my five card designs below, was used for an article on Purim in the monthly Jerusalem Post IVRIT magazine.  The Editor contacted me via my website, where she saw my art work on the subject of Purim.  It also features on the front cover.

Purim article featuring Chana Helen art work

Yad Sarah Purim Cards

Chana Helen has created five art works and designed five Purim cards for Yad Sarah.  The cards can be given to friends.  The card is bilingual.  It is written in both English and Hebrew.

More about Yad Sarah Purim Cards


I created 2 small oil paintings on the subject of Purim.


‘Purim in the Negev’ was my first painting on one of my favourite subjects – Purim – after moving from Jerusalem to Beer Sheva/Beer Sheba.  I wanted to incorporate motifs from my new environment.  Purim occurs in the spring month of Adar, when the anemones are in bloom in the Negev desert.  The desert hills are covered with these beautiful flowers, which you can see in close up at the front of my painting.

Purim in the Negev (oil 80 cm x 60 cm)



Title: Purim, Chasid Uplifted

Purim – Chana Helen lino cut.

Purim fun. Inspired by my own enjoyment of Purim, the joyous holiday which celebrates the salvation of the Jews from the wicked Haman, through the leadership of Queen Esther and her cousin Mordecai. I worked this design from my sketches of Breslover Chasidim playing music and dancing in the street at Purim time, watched by parents with their children in costumes, including a small child in a stroller dressed as a tiger. A cat and a bird weave their way amongst the people. A lone soldier looks on. First I worked out the design, then I transferred the mirror image to a lino block using tracing paper with carbon paper underneath. I carefully cut away the parts of the lino that I wanted to be in white on the finished print. Finally I rolled black ink across the surface and took a print. Purim fun. Musicians, dancers. People looking on, dressed in costumes and carrying presents. A lone soldier watches.


Purim, Giving. Lincut.




Purim, mishloach manot. Miniature watercolor.

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