In ‘My Street, Three Trees’, I have tried to express the simple joy I feel when looking at the evening light on the palm trees, after a hot summer’s day in Be’er Sheva where I live. (Be’er Sheva was founded when Abraham and Abimelech settled their differences over a well of water and made a covenant.)
In my painting ‘Hanukkah in Be’er Sheva’ I have aimed to create a feeling of happy togetherness, of unity, as Jews light the candles or oil lamps for the Festival. Individuals, family and friends are lighting their menorahs (chanukiot) in various ways. Some light them in their windows, a Jew lights the oil lamps outside (in a glass box to protect the lights from the wind) and a lit giant menorah is surrounded by people dancing and enjoying the festival. This festival is celebrated throughout the whole world, and I have painted it in my City, Be’er Sheva, capital of the Negev. The apartment buildings in the background and the windows in the foreground are typical of Be’er Sheva, as, of course, are the palm trees.