Chabad Calendar 5778

Chabad and Chana Helen

The art work of Chana Helen features in Chabad Calendars, alongside the work of other artists. She also has some of her work on ‘Art and Soul’ on the Chabad website. Chana Helen Art and Soul
The Chabad Calendar of Athens features Chana Helen’s work only. See the full Calendar on the link below.
Athens Calendar 5778
“Wedding of The Creation’ illustrates Rosh HaShanah for the first month of the Jewish New Year.
Wedding of The Creation
Cover Athens Calendar 5778

2 Responses to Chabad Calendar 5778

  1. Arlene Alyehs says:

    Time to have a Henrew/English version published either in Israel or US & available here in Israel.
    Otherwise, “It’s Greek to me!”

  2. Emuna Smith says:

    Your work is so beautiful

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