Chana Helen Rosenberg

Chana Helen Rosenberg,16.9.18.
Photo credits: Nik Smirnov – Art Spot/ניק סמירנוב – ארט ספוט

I am an Israeli artist whose art work is inspired by contemporary Jewish and Israeli life. I incorporatesJewish festivals, celebrations, and characters in my artwork, blending colors and imagery.  My work includes imagery from Jerusalem, whereI lived for some time, and Be’er Sheva, where I now live.  I am a member of the Association of Israeli Painters and Sculptors, as well as the Artists’ House, Be’er Sheva. I have displayed my work in group exhibitions and had successful Solo Exhibitions in November/December 2017, and November/December 2018.

1946 Born in Greater Manchester.

1956 Hanson Girls Grammar school, Bradford.


1962 – 1964 Foundation course at Bradford Art College, England.

1964 – 1968  Fine Art Degree in Painting and Printmaking (with Honours) at Maidstone College of Art, England.

1968 – 1969 Art Teaching Certificate from Leeds University.

Teaching Career

1969 – 2006 Teaching career in Art, Special Needs and Nursery Education, in England.

Art career

2006 Made Aliyah. Moved to Israel, Jerusalem , and focused on my art work full-time.

2010 Launched her website and started selling art work online (Fine Art America).  Sold work at Art Fairs and Presentations in Jerusalem.

2011 U.K.  ‘Two women, Jerusalem, lino print, exhibited at Green door Studio.

2012  Moved from the Holy City of Jerusalem to Be’er Sheva, City of Our Fathers, in the Negev Desert.

2013 Became a member of the Association of Israeli Painters and Sculptors (a National Professional Artist’s Association).

2013  March – May. New York. Lino print exhibited in ‘Breath/Breadth Group Exhibition at Brooklyn College Hillel, , presented by Jewish Art Now

2013 Be’er Sheva. ‘Pesach‘ (oil painting) exhibited at the Library Art Gallery, March 10th – April 7th.

2013 August – September. Be-er Sheva. ‘Purim‘ (oil painting) exhibited at the Library Art Gallery, .

2013 Jerusalem. Art work for sale in Shorashim Biblical Shop, Tiferet Israel 3, The Old City.  (02-628-9729) and Yad Ne’ema Gallery, 9 Yoel Salamon St. Nahalat Shivah, Jerusalem (Cell: 052-658-1150).

2014  U.S.A. Commissioned poster for the ‘Proudly Jewish’ posters series for Voices and Visions, the Harold Grinspoon Foundation (HGF)

2015  April – June. Be’er Sheva. ‘Hachnasat Sefer Torah‘ (oil painting) exhibited at the Municipal Library Art Gallery.

2015  June – September. Be’er Sheva.  ‘Kabbalat Shabbat‘, ‘Purim’ and ‘Pesach Not Only Our Fathers‘ (3 oil paintings) exhibited at the Matnes Yud Aleph Art Gallery.

2015 Canada.  ‘Simchat Torah 2’ on front cover of a Canadian Jewish magazine.

2015 August – October. Be’er Sheva.  ‘My Street, Orange and Blue‘ and ‘My Street, Orange‘ exhibited at the Library Art Gallery.

2016 Be’er Sheva.  Joined Beit Haomanim (The Artists’ House). There is always some of my work on display, and I take part in group exhibitions. Work sold.

2016 Be’er Sheva.  Exhibited ‘The Kerchief’  and ‘Torah in the Negev’ in the S.Y.Agnon Exhibition at the Library Art Gallery.

2016 U.S.A.  Golda Meir poster features on the front cover of an American Jewish magazine ‘Shelanu’.

2016 Art work features in various Chabad calendars for 5777, including Manchester, U.K., California and Antwerp.

2016  Hachnasat Sefer Torah poster for an Ashdod, Israel, Synagogue.

2016  My work is on the Chabad Website ‘Jewish Art for the Soul’.

2017 Athens. Chabad Calendar 5778, featuring my art only, and my biography.

2017 Produced 17 line drawings to illustrate ‘Leaving the Garden’, a poetry book by Ruth Fogelman.

2017 November. Be’er Sheva.  Solo Exhibition, ‘Gladness and Joy’  at The Artists’ House, .

2018 Five cards designed for Yad Sarah, an Israeli national charity. Purim Cards for Yad Sarah

2018 Purim art work on the front cover of the Jerusalem Post IVRIT magazine (ADAR).

2018 Designed cover for audio CD ‘Songs from the Siddur’, by Adirah Liebschutz.

2018 May. I was accepted as an Israeli Artist by the America-Israel Cultural Foundation.

acif/Chana Helen Rosenberg

2018 ‘Rosh Hashanah, Wedding of The Creation’ featured on the front cover of Esra Magazine, Israel.

2018 Art work features in various Chabad Calendars for 5779.

2018 I continue to have work on display at the Artists’ House, Be’er Sheva. My work is on the internet, including the Chabad Website and Fine Art America.

2018 November/December.  Jerusalem.  Solo Exhibition ‘Gladness and Joy in Jerusalem’ was on for 6 weeks, from 16.11.2018, at Hechal Shlomo Museum of Jewish Art/Gallery.

March 2019 London.  Two of  my paintings were shown in the artists collective ‘Israeli Contemporary Artists’ in the Espacio Galllery, Shoreditch.

May 2019 Jerusalem Poetry. ‘What Colour Are Your Dreams?’, a poetry book by Ruth Fogelman and illustrated by me, is published.

June 2019 Tel Aviv.  Four of my paintings shown in the artists collective ‘השעה נטלה ירושלים (It was the time for Jerusalem), at ZOA (Zionist House of America).

5.06.2019 Canadian TV.  Interviewed in my studio in Be’er Sheva by Toronto-based filmmakers Igal Hecht and Aaron Mandel who are chronicling the diversity of spiritual art in Israel for prime time YES T.V.   It will be part of the ‘Holy Art’ series.  There will be a documentary about me and my art work in 2020.